Sony Middle East Signs First Artist to Regional Roster

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London-based Arabic-English R&B singer Tash “the real thing” says label

By Peter Collins
Feb 05, 2012

Pop-R&B singer Tash has become the first artist signed to Sony Music Middle East on a full record deal (which includes branding rights – Tash will be the regional face of Sony’s new tablet – and live rights). Tash is London-born, but of Turkish-Cypriot descent. “My music is an East-meets-West type of fusion of R&B and Middle Eastern influences,” says Tash, who sings in both Arabic and English. “I was influenced by people like No Doubt and Destiny’s Child, Turkish artists like Tarkan and Arabic artists like Amr Diab. But, more than anything, it’s the sound that inspires me. When I hear a song, it’s more about the music and the overall feel of the track.”

Craig Pereira, marketing director of Sony Music Middle East, was introduced to Tash at a video shoot in London about a year ago, where the artist gave him some of his music. “It was about three months later – I was on holiday – when I actually got the chance to sit down and listen to it properly, and I was like, ‘This is phenomenal,’” says Pereira. “This man is a one-stop shop: Singer. Songwriter. Vocalist. This is the real thing. You listen to him, and you know – if this guy has these songwriting skills at the age of 24 – he’s an amazing talent.”

The lead single from Tash’s debut album (In The Deep, which drops February 12th), “Habibi Leh,” is currently receiving airplay on U.A.E. radio. Pereira describes the album as “upfront R&B.” Tash says he’s happy with the way his debut sounds. “I had a lot of creative control,” he says. “It has turned out the way I wanted it to. I’m really happy with the tracks that were selected. You can hear that – although they’re quite diverse and they all tell different stories – there’s still a link in there.”





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