The Killers Plan New Compilation, 'Direct Hits'

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Album will also include two new tracks

By Ryan Reed
Sep 17, 2013

Four studio albums into their career, the Killers are preparing a greatest-hits package. On November 11th, the glitzy rockers will release Direct Hits, their first singles compilation.

The album will feature 15 of the band's tunes, including "Mr. Brightside" and "When You Were Young," NME reports. The disc will also include two new studio tracks: the Stuart Price-produced "Just Another Girl" and the new single "Shot at the Night," which was produced by Anthony Gonzalez of M83.

"Shot at the Night" will be released on November 4th, one week before the compilation itself. The Killers became friends with Gonzalez after the two bands toured together in 2008. "He's one of these new-school producers," Flowers told NME. "He's a technical wizard, but you can't discount his musicality. A lot of people do, because of the involvement of computers, but he's a real musician, too. He and Stuart Price may be known for working on the digital side of things, but they're also two of the most musical guys I've ever met."

The band's last LP, Battle Born, was released last year.





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