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Dec 18, 2013

Billie Joe and Norah

by Will Hermes

Just when you thought Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong couldn’t commit a worse punk heresy than doing a Broadway musical, boo-yah! Here’s a set of folk duets with… | MORE


by Will Hermes

Sixties girl-group sounds inform lots of indie rock these days. But it rarely sounds as thrilling as Lucius. That’s because Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig can motherfracking sing:… | MORE

Luscious Jackson

Magic Hour
by Will Hermes

Luscious Jackson were to New York freestyle dance pop what their cohorts the Beastie Boys were to hip-hop: a sly subculture riff that delivered the goods with a wink. On this tight,… | MORE

Less Than Jake

See The Light
by Matt Ross

After toying (unsuccessfully) with radio-friendly pop-rock on 2006’s In With The Out Crowd, Florida ska-punk icons Less Than Jake’s last album, 2008’s GNV FLA, saw… | MORE

Various Artists

Inside Llewyn Davis: Original Soundtrack Recording
by Will Hermes

There’s something deliciously perverse in hearing Justin Timberlake sing – gorgeously, it must be said – old-timey roots music. He’s a minor character in the… | MORE


by Chuck Eddy

Seven years after he placed on American Idol, Chris Daughtry and his band are opening up their would-be grunge to more nuance: folk instruments and synths, smoother high notes tempering… | MORE


by Joe Gross

On some level, Poliça – led by singer Channy Leaneagh and producer Ryan Olson – couldn’t sound more like they were from Minneapolis. On their second album,… | MORE

Jake Bugg

Shangri La
by Jon Dolan

“I wake up/Check my phone/Jump in my whip/And off I go,” Jake Bugg sings on “Kingpin.” It’s a song about the lush life of a drug dealer with a steelback… | MORE

The Wanted

Word of Mouth
by Mike Powell

The Wanted are a boy band with a man’s disposition: They drink, they get into arguments, and they tend to see women as passive creatures waiting around in heels to be redeemed… | MORE


Mama's Back
by Adam Grundey

With its seven songs clocking in at around three minutes each, Rouba’s debut album is a short, sweet blast of jazzy, soulful pop. The occasionally labored lyrics and production… | MORE

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