30 Rock Season Six

By Peter Collins
May 07, 2013

This season was so good, it persuaded Alec Baldwin to reverse his decision to quit the show about showbiz. This being 30 Rock, there’s not much character development – even this deep into its seven-season run, Jenna, Tracy, Kenneth, Liz and Jack are pretty much the same people they were in the first season – but that was never really the point. Instead, 30 Rock provides more laugh-out-loud moments per episode than most sitcoms manage in a season. The volume of jokes is almost matched by the stellar guestlist – Jon Hamm (in blackface. Seriously), Paul McCartney, Susan Sarandon and Jim Carrey all drop in – but even those stars know they’re outshone by the scripts. Baldwin is superb as network exec Jack Donaghy, as is show creator Tina Fey as in-show show creator Liz Lemon. And now she’s killed 30 Rock off, this is a welcome reminder of what we’re missing.

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