Community Season One

By Elena Payne
May 07, 2013

Long before Chevy Chase was storming off set, or showrunner Dan Harmon was clearing out his locker, Community was just a new NBC show about a narcissistic, self-centered lawyer forced to hang out with a bunch of oddballs when he goes back to college to earn his bachelor’s degree. It took a few episodes to find its groove, but the hijinks of Jeff Winger and his study group at Greendale Community College quickly emerged as one of the smartest comedy shows in years. Dripping with self-referential humor, razor-sharp dialogue and well-judged performances from the ensemble cast, Community is clever without being pretentious, and laden with enough pop-culture references to make viewers feel smart for getting the jokes. The core cast (especially Joel McHale as Jeff, Alison Brie as the naive Annie, and Danny Pudi as the eccentric Abed) are excellent, but the show also benefits from stellar supporting turns from Jim Rash as the flamboyant Dean Pelton, and John Oliver as Professor Duncan. The best was still to come for Community, but this was an exciting introduction.

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